Learning, sharing and joining the EFL conversation

The same old lesson, over and over again: the more you put in, the more you get out of learning. The deeper you go, the better it gets as a teacher. I have recently become aware of a whole new circle of committed educators, here in Japan as well as around the world. They have organized themselves on Twitter and through a series of educational blogs. I was invited to guest author a small piece on my friend, Barbara Sakamoto’s blog at: http://www.teachingvillage.org/ If you look around Barb’s blog, you’ll see many cool people doing many cool things. The nicest thing about it is their openness to welcoming other teachers into their circle, or personal learning network (PLN) as they call it.

I’m looking forward to writing another piece describing my teaching at Seibo Jogakuin, a private, Catholic girls junior and senior high school in Osaka, Japan.

5 thoughts on “Learning, sharing and joining the EFL conversation

  1. Very much enjoyed waking up to your piece on Barbara’s blog but also, all the work you have been doing here on your blog and on your website. Much looking forward to wandering through your stuff this week, especially as I taught for the last 8 years in a Buddhist boys’ junior and senior high school in Nagoya, Japan so we share a lot of expeiences. Congrats on the MA and thanks for the advice re TOL and TOP. It ties in well with what I learned on an NLP course a couple of weekends ago. Also been blown away by the learning opportunities from the ‘gang’ of Twitterers. Atb from Dublin.

    • Patrick,
      Thanks so much for both the comments. I was mightily impresses with your site: who would have known a simple potato could be exploited in so many fun, creative ways. I also love your sense of humor – You Irish sure rule the world!



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