A new idea – English lessons as Action Research

actionresearchHere’s a thought – I wonder if I were to  present each class from chu 1 – Ko II with an option to research something quick and easy for the 10 weeks that we have left in this school year. Then the idea would be for them to consider doing a half year or full year study starting in April, if they are interested.

My approach would be to challenge them to consider whether they are learning, or changing attitudes, or developing in any way, shape or form in our English classes. Of course we would need to set up pre-tests based on whatever they chose to research. We would then have to set up control groups, and determine the hypotheses, measurement tools, duration, etc. If I can get them excited about it, it could really set the tone for the lessons.

But, how can I get a list of ideas to get them started?

I’ll start brainstorming and see what I come up with. If anyone has any ideas, please share.


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2 thoughts on “A new idea – English lessons as Action Research

  1. Dear Steven

    Hello. Long time no see. I really hope you remember me. I am Tomoe Wakui, your student of TEP seminar at IUJ. I often remember you. I don’t know how many times I tried to contact to you. I just would like to talk with you about English Education. Whenever you have time, please send me an e-mail. I will really appriceate it. Thank you very much.
    Sincerely Tomoe Wakui

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