This is where I’ve been…

My poor neglected blog…

I’ve been busier than ever online, just hanging out with a different process. It is called the MASH community and it is an online collaborative community that my new best buddy and a small circle of colleagues on the University of Birmingham MA TEFL course have created.

In 5 short months we’ve been able to create quite a buzz for professional development through collaboration. The talent was there all along. We simply needed to give it a vehicle and off it went… vroom, vroom

Anyways, check it out if you like,

THE mash-logo.jpg COMMUNITY

2 thoughts on “This is where I’ve been…

  1. Steve – I just saw your video and now know for sure you are the Steve Herder that I knew when you were in Piermont, NY.

    Please email me so we can touch base again! Bill and I have been married almost 24 years and have two daughters. Just recently met with “Suzie and Shelly” who now go by Suzanne and Michelle.

    I so want to catch up. Did you know that Van passed away last year? One of the reasons you’ve been on my mind.

    Please let me know how we can keep in touch!

  2. Hey Steve Herder!

    It’s funny, but I was in class today and we were talking about action research and your blog. I decided to take a look, and there is so much that is worthwhile here. It’s such a great contribution to the Japanese EFL context.

    I’m an MA student at ICU, International Christian University, in Japan. I’m in my second year and currently working on my MA thesis. For my thesis, I’m looking at the ELT situation in Japan. I’d love your input for my survey, as you’ve been here and contributing to the field; not to mention you are a very dedicated teacher. The survey is open to anyone who is teaching, or has taught in Japan. It can be found at the following address:

    If possible, I’d love to talk with you as well. My email is Thank you for your time, and thank you for this wonderful blog!

    Best wishes,


    PS: I tried to access the MASH community, but the link was not working.

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