A Once a year indulgence…gomen

On this occasion of my 44th birthday, I just wanted to say thank you to the readers from 30 countries who have taken at least 1 second of their life, to click on this blog. It started in January over at blogspot, moved here in April, withered away for a few months, then was re-born last month. I think I’ve found a writing rhythm and hope to continue to have thoughts and ideas to share.

It has also been a happy day in that:

I finished the lion’s share of my module 4 essay for my MA TEFL at the Univerity of Birmingham ,

I got a case of micro-brewery styled Japanese beer from my colleague and good buddy Mark,

I got a lovely note from Kirsten,

Phone calls from family in Canada,

and some love from my family in Japan.

Yes, I will count the countries, but only once each year:

United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Taiwan, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Greece, Germany, Guatemala, Malaysia, Romania, Estonia, Egypt, Korea, Australia, Benin, New Zealand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Thailand, The Philippines, Netherlands, Iran, Italy and Hong Kong

Thanks again everyone,


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