Analyze This…

After reading heaps and heaps about written discourse analysis, I wonder how much wiser I’ve become? I just happened onto this page and was surprised I could read it AND understand 99% of it. What can be gleaned from this kind of written text? Tell me anything you can about the writer? Age, sex, country, mother tongue, occupation, etc.

I’ll post the answer in a few days…

On moday, i went bugis wid my family n relative members…. at de same time i had a flu… actually at first i tot it was nth cos i always had flu as i ha a sensitive nose… so i didn’t realli care abt it, jus drank mor water.. But later in de day, when i was walkin along bugis street, i suddenly felt veri weak n when my cousin touched my forehead, i had a high fever…. bt i didn’t tell my mum n jus drank my water n carry on…. When i reac hme at nite, i went to tak my temperature, it was 38.9 degrees… so my mum immediately giv me medicines to eat n after tt i went to slep… it was veri torturin… i wake up at around 11+ in de nite n i sms him, tellin him i’ll nt be chattin wid him on de phone tt nite cos i was too weak… he say is ok nvm. bt i cn sense tt he is veri wori 4 me. so i told myself tt i mus realli tak care of myself.
De nex day, i wake up in de mornin. my whole body was heavy, n i dun hav tt bit of strength too. bt i insisted on standin up… den i went to wash up n eat my breakfast. n i went to tak my temperture. my temperture didn’t decrease… den my leg appeared 2 red dots… i was scared, n my temperature oso didn’t decrease n i tot it was dengue. so my mum brin me to c doctor de nex day de luckily it wasn’t…. den i had medicince so i took it n my sick did felt better… bt i still had to tak care of myself n drink a lot of water…

One thought on “Analyze This…

  1. Here’s the answer to the mystery writer. She’s a 14 year old junior high student in Singapore.

    I was particularly surprised how easily I could understand what she was saying as I got on her wave length. She took pains to spell out the infrequent words and simplified all the high frequency words. Therefore if something was abbreviated I knew it was a common word. That clue was half the battle for me.

    Some interesting ones:

    tot = thought
    nth = nothing
    cos = because
    abt = about
    tt = that
    sms = send text message
    nvm = never mind

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