Rubric for assessing Students in Oral English

Last year I gave Michiko a perfect 10 out of 10 for the first term’s work. She was delighted! This year I gave her an 8 after the first mid-term Poster Presentation. She was crushed! After class she approached me and she demanded to know how to get a 10 – in as much detail as possible – she even wanted it in writing. I was so impressed with her persistence that I thought about it for a week and just before the next class, it dawned on me; what a chance to throw it back at the girls and see what they thought a 10 should be…

So I put them in groups of 4, told the story of Michiko (while she smiled and whispered to her friend that she was the star of my story), and then told them that they could help me decide. We agreed to have two categories: 1) tests, and 2) class mark. We also decided to break it down from 10 down to 4 (they couldn’t imagine me giving anyone a 3 or less).

I worried that they might look at me and say, “Hey, that’s your job, Steve”, but I was genuinely impressed with how they got it together and produced a chart. I’m in the midst of collating their work now and plan to pass it out to all the high school students since I only do presentations now for testing.

I’d love to know if anyone out there has a similar descriptive breakdown of performance objectives in the form of a chart or “rubric”. Tonight’s post was inspired by Marco Polo’s most recent post on instructional objectives. Thanks, as always. 

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