Where to begin…again!

        Open School Lesson 06/17/07                        p5150133.jpg

Apologies to anyone who visited recently and thought I was a lazy bum…

Actually, I’ve been a very busy, lazy bum. I’ve also returned with a slew of great excuses for my apparent abandonment of this young blog:

1. I teach grades 7 – 12 (English Conversation and/or a Writing Course) in a girls’ high school in Osaka, Japan. This year I threw out all textbooks and have been swamped mentally and physically both deciding what to teach and getting ready to teach it.

2. I had laser eye surgery done in May (Kobe Clinic) and using the computer has been the only adjustment that is taking some time, so at night I’ve been avoiding the computer.

3. My good buddies (Kirsten and Mark) and I have been diligently researching the use of DICTOGLOSS in the Junior high school context for a chapter we’ve accepted to write in an upcoming teaching book.

4. Oh yeah… and that pesky little MA course that keeps asking me if I’ve forgotten about her and her 3 essays and a dissertation still to be written.

5. Finally, I’m not quite sure how to do anything on this blog and feel a little frustrated that I chose to move from blogger.


Next post will be on the Extensive Reading library that I’ve started this year and the Open School lesson I taught last week. Just a quick pic to show you one of the results from the lesson.

One thought on “Where to begin…again!

  1. Steve,
    I am very impressed that you are writing in your blog period! You have motivated me to get back to writing in mine.

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