Are you a "Praise Junkie" too?

Wow! What an article by Po Bronson in the New York Magazine! I just finished it and want to send it to anyone and everyone. It’s not even settled in my brain yet but the reverberations I’m feeling are powerful – both as a parent of young children and as a teacher.

I had previously decided that the two tenets of my approach to teaching this year would be EFFORT and BALANCE. This article gives some very clear and specific ideas about the importance of effort and ways to focus on the effort that students make. It also provides a number of results from studies, revealing the positive and negative results of what we say to our students.

Here’s the link:

Another link to Carol Dweck, the researcher referred to in the article:

Finally, thanks to this interesting blog for the link to the article:

Time to get to bed early for a change,


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