Views from Abroad

The little stats counter (free download) is a wonderful addition to any blog. It tells you how many hits you collect each day, and even identifies where they come from. I am giddy to have received my first visitors from outside of Japan. In fact, I had viewers from The U.S., Korea and Mongolia all on the same day.

I heartily invite you to contact me if you have any interest in high school level EFL teaching, extensive reading, interest in action research or would like to discuss our MA TEFL course. One of the 3 main purposes in starting this blog is to expand my circle of like-minded teachers.

Initially, I was terribly hesitant to go from voyeur to poster, but like everything else, it gets easier with each and every post. Once I got started I realized that most of the ‘good’ people were very open to being contacted as long as I was earnest and sincere.

I have three good ideas for research related to vocabulary and hope to start at least one of them from April 2007. I would love to do some collaborative research because the process of working with someone is at least half the fun in doing these kinds of projects.

I can be reached through this page, at or skyped as bluesteed.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

One thought on “Views from Abroad

  1. You should add a clustr map to your blog too!! They are fun because you can see on a map all your visitors!! The red dots just keep adding up!

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