Where to begin?

I was somewhat dubious about beginning the MA TEFL course because I have run into too many academic types over the years who seemed like they couldn’t teach their way out of a wet paper bag. They were long on theory, but unbelievably short on the practicalities and/or realities of teaching. I swore to myself that, if I started the MA, I would endeavor to become a “practical academic’. I would focus on things that were directly relevant to the students in my classroom, things that could actually help them to learn English.

So, since the beginning of this MA course, I’ve been collecting interesting articles and research papers that relate to teaching EFL in Japanese junior and senior high schools (known as JSHS from now on) and I would like to make them available on this blog for others to use. I have also collected things that relate to affective issues such as motivation and learner expectations. Additionally, I have already developed a few “pet interests” such as the role of questions and feedback in class, extensive reading, vocabulary acquisition, and the role of the mother tongue in EFL classes.

As I begin to figure out how to organize my collection in order to make it available to others, I’ll happily begin sharing…

2 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. oh please, please, please do share!!!

    you are going to be my MA inspiration!! Help keep me on track and focused! I need all the help I can get!!! Maybe some of your links will inspire me…I’m feeling very UNINSPIRED!

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